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Leave Scars is founded by Kristof “Dizzy” Van Eyck (vocals) and Filip “Mo6” Verstappen (lead/rhythm guitar) when they decided to quit the fun-metalband D.O.A. They wanted to start an old school thrash metal band and found a drummer in Kris “Uncle” Boenders (ex-Unusual, ex-Disobedient, ex-Hard Resistance) who actually is Kristof’s uncle. On bass they recruted Frederick Peeters from Sanitarium, a Metallica tribute band where both Kristof and Kris played in.


A year full of rehearsels, writing numbers and seeking their own sound results in a local gig as support for a Dutch black metal band. A few months later, Frederick Peeters left the band and Yves Neefs (Sanitarium) picked up the bass.


The first demo “Unit731” was recorded with Kristof on bass and Yves Neefs on lead/rhythm guitar. This demo contains 6 old school thrash metal songs and 1 hidden track named “Shower”.


During this time, they’ve played in several metal venues to promote the new demo.


They entered the Belgian edition of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle wich they’ve won and got a ticket to play at the biggest metal festival of Europe. 1 week before W.O.A., they played at Metal Over Oostrozebeke where the crowd went wild. They’ve also been headlining some local festivals and venues.


Yves Neefs decides to leave the band and Paul Aerts (ex-Unusual, ex-Soultaker) is recruted as new lead/rhythm guitar player. New songs were written and in July they played as support for Violator and Fueled By Fire in Gent.


Filip “Mo6” Verstappen leaves the band due to other interrests and Kristof decides to focus more on his vocals. Mathias “Ath” Annys (Warbeast Remains) is hitting the bass from now on and a few months later, Djoni Tregub (Temptations For The Weak) joined the band as lead/rhythm guitar player. Finally, Leave Scars was complete and starts writing new songs.


They’ve played some local shows and headlined the Highland Games in Essen. In August, the recordings of the new demo cd started.


“The Arrival” is released and after a few weeks, the track “Trapped” appears on the Compilation cd “Metal Gageleer: The Compilation”. At the same time they got in contact with Benny from Metal Over Oostrozebeke and Nathan McLeod from Malevolence Records©.The tracks “Trapped” and “The Arrival” are released on “Perseverance 2013 Compilation Cd”. In March they’ve enterred the RedBull BedroomJam competition to win a gig at Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium’s biggest metal festival. They won the finals at Trix Antwerp and played June 27th as opening band on GMM2013. In the next few months, Leave Scars performed at several venues and metal festivals (Frietrock, DVG IndoorFest,…) in Belgium.


After several local gigs they’ve supported Five Finger Death Punch on March 25th with an aftershow at Trix, Antwerp. Also they’ve enterred the global Hard Rock Rising competition of “Hard Rock Café” worldwide. With the support of all the fans (we love you all!!) they are selected to the finals in Cologne, Germany on March 26th wich they came in second. A support for the thrash legends Toxik from NY has become one of the many highlights of the band. Leave Scars performed along with Hexa Mera and Komah at the RedBull Bedroom Jam Tour 2014 on nov 15th at Biebob Vosselaar. They’ve also headlined Frietrock 2014 on Saturday and supported Rotting Christ on 21 dec at Maasmechelen. New songs for the upcoming full cd have been recorded in the end of November at Atomika Studios.


Leave Scars signed a record deal with the Belgian label Spinal Records and the release of “Chains Of Redemption” is scheduled for early March in Benelux and on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, etc.. in France, Germany and the U.K. on March 20th. The new cd will also be promoted and released in the U.S. on Malevolence-Records. More gigs announcements (support for Moker in January, support for Martyr in Oktober, Kastival Festival, 2000 Tons of Metal, release shows throughout the country with Bliksem, Evil Invaders, Guilty As Charged, Signs Of Algorithm and many more..).


They started writing new songs while they keep promoting “Chains of Redemption” in February. In March/April Leave Scars will be supporting Warrior Soul (US) during a mini tour in the Netherlands. In May they did a support gig for Onslaught in the Netherlands. More festival gigs will follow that year ( DixieFest, OlensFest with Rage and Doro, Metal Over Oostrozebeke, Devils for an AngelFest with Iron Angel, Aaw AyzerFest with Pro-Pain, ....).


Still playing several shows promoting the cd. Going on tour with Master (US) and Discreation (GE) for 10 days in Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Unfortunately Ath deceided to leave the band early december.


Ken replaced Ath on bass and we’re getting ready with this new line up to hit the stage again late this year. First one is a headliner show at the 10th anniversary of Frietrock. One week later a gig as support for Channel Zero at Biebob and more shows coming up.












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Jul 24 2019 MetalDays 2019 Slovenia



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